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5 Self-care Tips for the Real Estate Process: There’s no doubt that selling or buying a home can be wildly stressful. Hoping for offers, waiting for offers to be accepted, negotiating … the real estate process can seem like whiplash. The stress level seems to heightened in Asheville, with a low vacancy rate and lots of interest in the market! Whether your house is on the market or you’re searching for your next home, self-care is critical. At blueblaze, we stand for health, success, creativity, gratitude and a passion for living life to the fullest. In order to achieve the best possible results for you with the lowest possible stress, the blueblaze team is offering massage, yoga, and other personal care appointments — our treat! The less stress you experience and the better you care for yourself, the more success we’ll both see on the other end!

Here are some other self-care tips we find to be helpful for maintaining your stress level during the real estate process:

  1. Put down your phone (for a little while, anyway) and get active!
    Find something to distract you – discover a new hiking trail (we like this list of some out-of-the-way spots on the Appalachian Trail), take a dip in the new year-round pool at the Asheville Jewish Community Center, or try a new fitness program. Don’t stray too far from your phone – you’ll want to be available when the offers come in – but don’t be too tied to it.
  2. Alone time: Find some time to spend on your own. Meditate, nap, try breathing exercises — anything to focus on you and your thoughts. At the same time, avoid negative thinking. Remember, many factors in the real estate process are out of your control. Have a question or concern that’s really on your mind? You can always give the blueblaze team a call!
  3. Exercise and massage
    Blueblaze is thrilled to offer self-care appointments. Massage can be an effective treatment for relief of stress, pain, and tension, according to the Mayo Clinic. Yoga can help you maintain mind-body balance and also provide you with quality alone time.
  4. Spend time with family and friends: Laugh, reminisce, gossip … even quick chats on the phone are a terrific break from your world.
  5. Get into the kitchen

Do you have a recipe you’ve been meaning to try or a new ingredient with which you’ve been wanting to experiment? Cooking is a great self-care technique. Look for recipes that are the step above your usual cooking level to provide a challenge, but nothing so difficult that you’ll be frustrated if the final product falls flat. You’ll have an automatic success – and you’ll get to eat the results!

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