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how you save with us

how much can YOU save with blueblaze?

Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the regional real estate market, blueblaze agents have a long track record of success. We utilize both proven and creative approaches that translate into large cost savings and an efficient process.

House Cost:

Traditional Listing:

Blue Blaze Listing:

Potential Savings:

no hidden fees

We don't charge the traditional 6% set fee. We develop a comprehensive listing presentation, design marketing campaigns, negotiate desired selling prices and successfully sell your property.

big savings

typically, we save each client from 25% to 50%. We get paid to work and produce results. Therefore, we only want to get paid for the results we achieve.

the latest technology

our agents utilize the latest and most efficient marketing technology and platforms

comprehensive marketing

We have a long history of developing comprehensive marketing strategies that lead to successful results

cost effective listing strategy

our clients like to save money when they sell their home, our strategy allows them to achieve their goals
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